Use cases


"My colleagues and I use the Metreco set during the annual verification of the air conditioning systems in various types of trains. By using Metreco we save a massive ammount of time because no refrigerant needs to be removed from the hoses after an intervention, no hoses = no refrigerant to recover!

The usability is greatly improved since the system measurements can now be logged simultaniously from a distance. What is particularly useful is that during measurement and logging the superheat and subcooling are instantaneously visible. This enables a quick system insight for new air conditioning mechanics.

But mainly, the display's accuracy is many times larger compared to the old fashioned analog meter sets. This will allow us easily log a problematic system for a specific time and draw an appropriate failure analysis."

Climate Mechanic and Chief Mechanic and Electric
(The Netherlands)



"Tested on both our CO2 Booster and HFC systems.Very positive experience, user-friendly and quick.
Big advantage, all data is directly available on PC. No special software or complicated and tedious data extraction!"