Metreco, Smart Mobile Measuring


  • ƒƒDigital Wireless System Analyzer
  • Measure and log all critical system data in real time, also COP
  • Improve on-site efficiency - Be more professional
  • No more running around- Speed up measurements
  • Gain time substantially on each job
  • Certified reporting and PED protocols
  • Pressure and Vacuum Decay Tests
  • All data such as Superheat, Subcool, Delta T&P and COP
  • Optimize system efficiency with Metreco Smart-COP®
  • Calculate Cooling Power with Ampclamp and Smart-COP®


  • Dynamic measuring with METRECO, Smart Mobile Measuring
  • Up to 10 sensors measure simultaneously
  • Walk arround and do live measurements
  • Intuitive easy to use interface
  • Log data - Download data on your PC - Data is in .csv format or textfile (no extra software)
  • Improve on-site efficiency
  • No more running around
  • Stop using the beer glass method: warm – cold
  • Inform your customer right-away of the intervention you've done
  • Speed up your invoice process

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