Absolute vacuum

Vacuum Kit

Metreco wireless vacuum sensor

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Vacuum Kit:

Expand your Metreco with:

  • ƒƒAbsolute vacuum sensor (Class 0,5)
  • ƒƒwith safety valve (+60Bar)
  • with ball valve
  • Range: +1000mBar - 0mBar
  • Valve core remover

Code: KV01ST

Other products in Vacuum Kit

Valve Core Remover Metreco

Absolute Vacuum Sensor

Metreco absolute vacuum sensor

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  • Absolute vacuum sensor, does not need calibration before use
  • Range: +1000mBar - 0mBar
  • Precision: Class 0,5 (0,5% FS)
  • Overpressure: 5 bar
  • Autonomy ON: >180h (>7days)
  • Autonomie OFF: >1,5 year
  • Battery: LiPo (Lithium Ion Polymer)
  • Wireless range: min. 200m (open air)
  • Protection: IP64 with cap closed
  • Also available with safety valve (+60Bar) and ball valve

Code: Vm1000M14S
Code: Vm1000M14S-28 (with ball valve & safety valve)

Metreco Smart COP


smart mobile measuring - Smart-COP®

  • ƒƒMeasure the system’s instant, real time and average COP with Metreco Smart-COP®
  • Calculate the system’s Cooling Power by measuring the absorbed electrical power and the COP
  • Measure the COP several times each year and calculate your Seasonal COP
  • Prove the energy efficiency enhancement you have established by measuring the COP before and after your
    intervention and prove the savings you made possible

Metreco with Smart-COP® is supplied with:

  • ƒƒ1 Charging station / case
  • ƒƒ1 Low Pressure Sensor 20 Bar
  • ƒƒ2 High Pressure Sensors 50 Bar
  • ƒƒ3 Temperature sensors -50+150°C
  • ƒƒ1 Absolute Vacuumgauge with overpressure & ball valve
  • ƒƒ1 Amp-probe with Rogowski coil
  • ƒƒ1 Repeater (range extender)
  • ƒƒMetreco Handheld
  • ƒƒAdaptor 230V
  • ƒƒ12V cigarette lighter plug
  • ƒƒUSB cable
  • ƒƒManual
  • ƒƒSet of hoses & connectors

Code: MT01COP

Valve Core Remover

Valve Core Remover Metreco

excl. VAT

  • Valve Core Remover
  • Extra Male 1/4"SAE exit

Code: AC0107-3010

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