Scenario Refrigeration

Engineer Jason services a system of a new client who claims that it ‘doesn't cool' any longer. He places the sensors on the system: low pressure, high pressure and the two temperature sensors. Jason has instantly, while walking around, access to the measurements in the ‘All Sensors' menu.

He creates a new client and system through the touchscreen of the Metreco. He chooses a refrigerant and the targets for subcool, superheating and evaporator exit air temperature. He is now looking at the ‘All Measurements' level and has an instant idea of the measured and calculated values. If one of the targets is off, he gets a warning with a diagnosis and a possible cause.

The measured values can be logged, this creates automatically a Measurement report. Jason also makes an Intervention report where he can keep track of the interventions he has done: leakdetection, filter-dryer, refrigerant adjustment, oiltest, pressuretest, vacuumtest, etc...

Back in the office Jason connects his Metreco handheld to his PC and makes a report for internal use and a report for his customer which he sends him by e-mail.

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