Vacuum Kit

Metreco wireless vacuum sensor

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Vacuum Kit:

Expand your Metreco with:

  • ƒƒAbsolute vacuum sensor (Class 0,5)
  • ƒƒwith safety valve (+60Bar)
  • with ball valve
  • Range: +1000mBar - 0mBar
  • Valve core remover

Code: KV01ST

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CO2 Transcritical Kit

Metreco CO2 Transcritical Kit

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CO2 Transcritical Kit:

Expand your Metreco with:

  • 1 low pressure sensor, 100 Bar, CO2 Transcritical
  • 1 high pressure sensor, 200 Bar, CO2 Transcritical
  • 3 charging hoses, working pressure 200 Bar
  • CO2 - R744

Code: KC01ST

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NH3 Kit

Metreco NH3 Kit Stainless Steel

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Kit R717: NH3

Expand your Metreco with:

  • 1 low pressure sensor, 20 Bar, Stainless steel
  • 1 high pressure sensor, 50 Bar, Stainless steel
  • 3 charging hoses, NH3 resistant
  • Connectors, NH3 resistant
  • NH3 - Ammnoia - R717

Code: KN01ST


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Standard Accessories for Metreco Kit

Metreco accessories

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Standard Metreco Accessories

This Kit is delivred with:

  • 4 charging hoses: 2 yellow, 1 red, 1 blue
  • 3 couplers: 2 T-connectors, 1 X-connector
  • 2 R410A adaptors
  • 1 USB-cable
  • 1 230V adaptor
  • 1 12V adaptor

 Code: MA01ST


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Red charging hose
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Blue charging hose
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12V Adapter for Metreco case
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